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HexEdit 3.2 + Crack (Keygen)

Ultima versão deste excelente editor Hex.

Features Added in Hex Edit 3.2

* Info Tips - full customization of information display in popup tip window
o use any expression involving many predefined values
o many display formats for result (int, real, date, string, boolean)
* Installation problems (esp under Vista) addressed
* Templates are now easier to open and use
o flip between splitter/tab/no template view at any time
o template window size, column widths etc restored on file reopen
o Improved editing of template fields (in Data column in template view)
o SWITCH/CASE expression can now be a string
o default CASE allowed by simply using an empty value
* Associate categories, comments and keywords with any file
* Other new properties like time64_t and C# Decimal
* Display characters using any code page (including DBCS etc)
* Much more useful alignment options in searches
* All operations now support selection greater than 4 GBytes
* All long operations show a progress bar and can be aborted using Esc
* Open disk dialog now shows more info: disk size in clusters etc
* ZLIB compression/decompression with support for all options
* New case conversion and MD5 operations
* Motorola S record now supports export of non-adjacent records
* New Save All and Close All commands

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  1. Baixando esse Editor sera que da para usar tabela com essa versão?
    e parabens pelo projeto gostaria de informações sobre que ferramentas vc usarão para descomprimir os arquivos do zeldas?


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